Mesquite ISD Choice High School

Bid Date: August 29, 2019
Owner: Mesquite ISD
Lead Estimator: Kevin Hollenbeck
Phase: Past Projects
Location: North Intersection of Faithon P Lucas Sr. Blvd and McKenzie Road in Mesquite, TX

Pogue Construction is the selected General Contractor for this project. The project consists of a new Career and Technology Education center for Mesquite ISD high school students. The new school site is located at an approximately 44-acre undeveloped site at the north intersection of Faithon P Lucas Sr. Blvd and McKenzie Road in Mesquite, TX (east of existing City of Mesquite softball fields). The program includes career and college preparation departments that will provide project-based learning for real world experience.

• The building will utilize sustainability features that allow focus on reducing energy consumption, minimizing long-term environmental impact, and daylighting to efficiently reduce the cost of lighting and cooling.
• The scope of construction will also include an ICC 500 storm shelter (approx. 13,000 SF) serving the entire school and other safety features that allow students to feel safe.
• Approximate Area: 250,000 SF total on (2) two stories

• The school will include departments, such as:
Engineering – Computer Labs, Robotics, Automotive, Maker Spaces, etc.
Health Science – Labs, EMT, Pharmacy, Sports Medicine, Dental, etc.
Technology – Computer Sciences, Maker Spaces, Graphic Design, etc.
Construction Science – Architecture, Construction Shops, Maker Spaces, etc.
Core curriculum – Media Center, Admin, Dining Hall, and Core Classrooms

Bid Packs will be posted August 20, 2019
BID DAY – August 29, 2019 @ 2:00 PM
Construction start: October 2019
Completion: July 2021