Traxxas Mechanical Upgrade

Bid Date: January 5, 2022
Owner: Traxxas
Lead Estimator: Chris Broerman
Phase: Bidding/GMP / Past Projects
Location: McKinney, TX

Bid Time: 2:00PM

Bids Delivered To:


Mechanical System:

This package would consist of adding six (6) new 25-Ton DX packaged rooftop cooling units for conditioning of the plan north warehouse. The plan south second floor storage space would be served by four (4) 25-Ton DX packaged RTUs and the first floor would be served by three (3) 25-TonRTUs. Duct will need to be routed through the second floor down to serve the first, and architectural shafts provided. High velocity jet-style air circulation fans shall also be provided throughout the space for the plan north warehouse and first floor of the plan south warehouse for improved air movement. Our proposal for the plan south warehouse space is designed around the use case. Because the second floor is typically unoccupied and used primarily as storage, this space would not require jet-style fans.

Electrical considerations for added HVAC:

A new 1000A panel shall be fed via three (3) sets of 4#400 AWG conductors from the main distribution board (MDB). This new panel shall be dedicated to service the newly added mechanical equipment. New board shall be located within the warehouse space near the main electrical room.

Standby Generator Backup:

After reviewing the provided utility bills for building electrical consumption, and accounting for the additional load added by the new mechanical equipment, it is our recommendation to provide a 800 kW standby natural gas generator with dual fuel options and sound enclosure. Please reference Site Plan PDF for two proposed locations.