UNT Indoor Practice Facility

Bid Date: July 25, 2018
Owner: University of North Texas
Lead Estimator: Derek Steinmeyer
Phase: Past Projects

This project will be a milti-use facility designed primarily for football with an ancillary use for track & field, soccer, and other uses. The facility will be an efficient retangular shape, approximately 196′ wide X 426′ long with a minimum clearance height of 55′ for place kicking. The Indoor Practice Facility wll be a pre-engineered barrel beam steel structure that houses a full artificial turf practice field with eighteen (18) runoff space on all sides. Within this runoff space are three (3) sprint lanes and a sand pit on the Eastern side of practice field. Ancillary spaces include entry lobby and restroom, recruiting lounge, kitchenette, restrooms, A/V, telecom, electrical rooms, stairs, and camera platforms, fire protection/sprinkler system, and tempered by full HVAC systems. The facility will be located south of the Athletic Center, constructed over one of the existing grass practice fields.

Bid Day: July 25, 2018
Bid Time: 2:00PM
Bids Delivered to: bid@pogueconstruction.com

Pre-Proposal Meeting Date: July 9, 2018
Pre-Proposal Time: 3:00PM
Pre-Proposal Site: Apogee Stadium, HUB Club, 1251 S. Bonnie Brae, Denton, TX 76207